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Ioana Alina Rus

Good day! As founder of the legal services firm Rus&Partners, I tried to bring together the most appropriate persons for solving the legal aspects a company may face. All areas of expertise presented on have a representative in the Rus&Partners team. Thus, we provide you legal services of the highest quality and the results you wish.

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Ioana Cocian

Welcome! My name is Ioana Cocian, and I am a partner at Rus&Partners on tax issues.
As a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania, I provided counselling and accountancy services for many companies in Romania. I also assisted numerous accountancy procedures for companies in insolvency.

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Aurelia Mocanu

Welcome! I am glad you reached the web page, I am sure that you shall find here all the information which you require for our team to become your partner in solving the legal issues which you confront.