Intellectual Property Assets Management


Managing intellectual property assets is more than just obtaining intellectual property rights. In fact, holding a registered trademark or patent is nothing if these rights are not exploited in the interest of the institution that owns them.
In recent years, companies have begun to increasingly see the importance of owning a registered trademark and the value this trademark can bring to the business. A registered trademark may be revenue-generating, may bring competitive advantage in a dynamic market, and may represent a market opportunity, sale, franchise.
The team of specialists on intellectual property at Rus&Partners helps you to:
Know the value of the intellectual property assets of your company;
Grow the company value through the trademarks which you own;
Identify the potential investors in your company, also having in mind the value of the assets which you own;
Protect your trademarks and patents and hold your uniqueness in the market;
Manage correctly the intellectual property assets which you own.

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