The energy sector is extremely dynamic and on an upward trend for many years. Those operating in this area need experts with legal qualification and in-depth know-how of this field to propose innovative solutions to the energy sector’s challenges.
If you operate in the energy sector, you need to know that Rus&Parteners attorneys and legal advisors are also specialised in the energy sector and can provide customised services that bring value to the services you provide.
Thus, the Russ&Partners team offers:
Legal assistance on energy sector investment projects;
Legal counselling for the adequate enforcement of the rules and laws regulating the energy sector;
Legal assistance and representation in relation with the national authorities, like the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, the National Natural Gas Regulatory Authority or the environment protection authorities;
If you have a business in the energy field or you intend to launch a service in this sector, we invite you to discuss with our experts, to identify the legal needs of the activity. Contact us at or call us.

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5 reasons to choose the Rus&Partners team

1. At Rus&Partners you shall always find an accredited specialist who solves the legal aspects which you face.
2. We dedicate ourselves to prevention; thus, our team shall provide fast answers at fair prices, which shall save you time and give you the possibility to focus on the growth of your business.
3.Transparency is one of our features; thus, you shall always know what the next steps are to solve the legal issues that you face or a change in your status takes place.
4.You shall always be informed regarding the legal changes which impact the activity of your company.
5.We are prompt and proactive! The Rus&Partners team is present when you need our services. All you have to do is contact us by e-mail or phone, and a consultant shall take over your request.